• Durrell's Photographer of the Year 2016

    Durrell’s Photographer of the Year 2016

    Since my sister and I visited the Durrell Wildlife Park on the summer of 2015, I read through all the newsletters they send out quite thoroughly. Last summer I noticed that they announced a photo competition and people can people can submit shots to several different categories. Because during our visit I managed to take lots of pictures, I sat down quickly, selected my favourite ones, sent them to the specified email address and then I forgot about this whole thing. Amióta 2015 nyarán nővéremmel Jerseyre látogattunk, rendszeresen olvasom a Durrell Állatkert által kiküldött hírleveleket. Tavaly nyár végefele arra lettem figyelmes, hogy Durrellék fotóversenyt hirdetnek és több különböző kategóriában is nevezni…

  • Luci

    Luci, the Wayfaring Cat

    Lukrécia, a.k.a Luci was born on the summer of 2005 together with her three other siblings. She wasn’t very lucky though, because she didn’t start breathing at the moment she was born. In the end my sister, Tita, managed to resuscitate her using warm water and a towel. The lack of oxygen must have had an effect on her little brain, because even when she became a fully grown cat, she still kept behaving like a kitten: running and jumping around like crazy, sneaking around when afraid, getting bloody scared from every unexpected movement people made, and never learning to properly meow. Instead, she usually purred and said “grooo” when…

  • Saint Anne Lake

    Wayfaring in Transylvania: The Land of Volcanoes

    The last time my parents and I visited the Saint Anne Lake and the Mohos bog was when I was a teenager. It was such an unforgettable experience, that I couldn’t wait to return to this magical Land of Volcanoes and show Will how does an almost perfectly round crater lake surrounded by a pine forest and often visited by bears look like. Actually, there are two lakes, but the second one is almost completely covered by peat. Azt hiszem talán iskolás lehettem még, mikor szüleimmel a Szent Anna tónál és a Mohos tőzeglápnál jártunk. Hatalmas élmény volt az a kirándulás, így aztán nagyon lelkesen vártam, hogy újra visszatérjünk a Vulkánok…

  • Nyergestető

    Wayfaring in Transylvania: Nyergestető Memorial Park

    On a foggy almost-summer morning of our Transylvanian road trip we decided to visit the Nyergestető Memorial Park. Our main destinations on that day were the Saint Anne Lake and the Mohos Bog, but popping by the memorial park didn’t seem to be big detour. Erdélyi kirándulásunk egy ködös, majdnem-nyári reggelén úgy döntöttünk, hogy ellátogatunk a Nyergestetőre. Aznapra egyébként a Szent Anna tó meg a Mohos tőzegláp volt betervezve, de nem jelentett túl nagy kitérőt ide is elugrani.