• Canterbury Cathedral

    Exploring Canterbury

    Let’s jump back in time till march this year. It was a beautiful, mainly sunny spring weekend, when Will and I decided to visit Canterbury. We heard a lot about the importance of this place from both historical and religious point of view (Canterbury Cathedral, Archbishop of Canterbury), but neither of us had been here before. This is why it was about time to pay a visit. Ugroljunk vissza egy kicsit az időben, mondjuk márciusig. Egy szép, többnyire napsütéses hétvégén úgy döntöttünk Willel, hogy ellátogatunk Canterburybe. Mivel sokszor hallottunk már erről a helyről mindenféle történelmi és vallási vonatkozásban – canterburyi apátság, canterburyi érsek, stb. – viszont még egyikünk sem járt…

  • Westonbirt Arboretum

    Autumn Special: The Thousand Colours of Westonbirt Arboretum

    Every time autumn starts to kick in and the trees become colourful I instantly feel the urge to go out and take some photos. OK, this isn’t completely true. I am constantly suffering because of this shooting urge, which makes me fall behind with the post-processing work. But I can’t help it: I’d much rather explore the outside world than spend hours sitting next to Photoshop. Valahányszor eljön az ősz, és színesek lesznek a falevelek, az ember lányának azonnal fotózhatnékja támad. Najó, ez így túlzás. Az ember lányának állandóan fotózhatnékja van, és emiatt torlódik föl a rengeteg utómunka, mivel szívesebben mászkál odakint, ahelyett hogy a Photoshop mellett gubbasztana.

  • Copenhagen bicycles

    Winter City Break in Copenhagen – Day 4

    The following morning we decided to quickly go and check out the famous Tuborgflasken before we end up finding a place for a long and relaxing brunch. This giant, 26 meter tall beer bottle is in Hellerup, which is a suburb located to the north of central Copenhagen. Másnap reggel úgy döntöttünk, hogy még táplálékszerzés előtt elbuszozunk Koppenhága Hellerup nevű negyedébe, ami a belvárostól északra helyezkedik el, és jól megnézzük magunknak a 26 méter magas Tuborgflaskent, azaz a Tuborg sörösüveget.

  • Winter City Break in Copenhagen – Day 3

    The following day started off a little bit hazy. And not just because of our late-night drinks, but also because of the much more wintry weather… A másnap nagyon ködösen indult. És nem csak az előző esti iszogatás miatt, hanem mert közben az időjárás is téliesebbre fordult…

  • Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

    Winter City Break in Copenhagen – Day 2

    The next morning we felt rested and hungry, so we headed towards the city centre. The plan was that we will start exploring the area by following the stars on my map, and we’ll have breakfast when we bump into a cafe we both find appealing enough. Másnap reggel kipihenten, és kissé korgó gyomorral vágtunk neki a belváros felfedezésének. Az volt a terv, hogy elkezdjük végigjárni a végigjárnivaló érdekességeket, és ha közben szimpatikus reggelizőhelyre bukkanunk, akkor ott letelepszünk.

  • Nyhavn, Copenhagen

    Winter City Break in Copenhagen – Day 1

    Flying to Copenhagen for a long weekend was a very spontaneous idea. Will and I wanted to get away from the big city for a few days, so we asked Skyscanner for advice. We only had two criteria: cheap return flights, and a destination neither of us had visited before. That’s how we ended up picking Copenhagen (the truth is: I’ve been to Copenhagen for a half day visit when I was around 15, but a massive gay pride was taking place that day, so I don’t really remember anything else from the city). A koppenhágai hosszú hétvége meglehetősen spontán ötlet volt. Will és én szerettünk volna kicsit kiszabadulni a…

  • Ruben og Bobby Copenhagen

    Copenhagen Off the Beaten Track: Ruben og Bobby Arcade Barbershop

    The whole thing happened back in February, when Will and I wanted to go away for a long weekend somewhere random. Flying to Copenhagen from London is always a very cheap option, so after thinking about it for at least half an hour, we just got the plane tickets… cause y’know… we’re cool, and go with the flow. 🙂 Anyway, whenever we travel somewhere, we quickly scroll through and take a mental note of the official must-sees of a city, after which we dive into this whole big, unexplored world of off-the-beaten-path sights and activities. This is how Will accidentally discovered Ruben og Bobby, a retro game barbershop located in Nørrebro,…

  • Sydenham Hill Wood

    The Lost Railway of Sydenham Hill Wood

    Despite the fact that the “Tired of London, Tired of Life” book schedules the Sydenham Hill Wood walk for the end of April, we thought that a cold, grey, rainy day in February will be just as good for it. Both Will and Ash know Sydenham Hill Wood very well, because they grew up around this area and as kids they enjoyed exploring the hidden pockets of the forest. Now they wanted to share this experience with us, London-newbies as well. Annak ellenére, hogy a “Ha unod Londont, unod az életet” című könyv a Sydenham Hill Wood-i sétát ideális esetben április végére ajánlja, mi úgy gondoltuk, hogy egy hideg, szürke, esős februári nap is tökéletesen…

  • Colchester Castle

    Colchester or Coldchester?

    My friends and I chose a cold January Saturday as a milestone for leaving behind the big Christmas and New Year’s alcohol coma and continue our ‘exploring the British towns’ project. If I remember correctly, it was Caroline’s idea to go and check out Colchester, a place I’ve never heard of before and I had no idea if there is anything interesting to see. Now I can tell you: there is. Colchester is not just Britain’s oldest roman town, but theoretically it is considered to be Britain’s oldest town, period. This fact suggests that visitors will find lots of historical buildings, ruins and and other curiosities here. A nagy karácsonyi és újévi…

  • Clapham South Deep-level Shelter

    Going Underground: Clapham South Deep-level Shelter

    As part of the Hidden London tours organised by the London Transport Museum curious visitors have the chance to go down and walk around the Clapham South deep-level shelter, which is one of the eight Second World War civilian deep shelters built in London. Walking around the different rooms, halls and tunnels 30 metres deep under ground while we could regularly hear the Northern line trains passing above us was quite and experience, but I think the stories we heard during the one hour tour were even more interesting. A Londoni Közlekedési Múzeum által szervezett Rejtett London túrák egyike során a kíváncsi népeknek lehetősége adódik a Clapham Southnál található világháborús…