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Thailand Itinerary

June 9, 2016
by wayfaringlondoner

Thailand Trip Itinerary

Whenever I try to plan a trip somewhere, I always find other people’s travel itinerary very useful and inspiring, so I thought I will share with you guys the Thailand Trip Itinerary. Valahányszor útvonaltervezésbe kezdek, mindig nagyon hasznosnak és inspirálónak találom … Continue reading

Ko Samui

May 6, 2016
by wayfaringlondoner
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The Rainforests and Sandy Beaches of Ko Samui

After exploring Bangkok and visiting the elephants there was one more thing left on our to do list: find an island, and relax for a few days. Thailand is an awesome place to visit from beach point of view as … Continue reading

Chiang Mai

April 18, 2016
by wayfaringlondoner
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Chiang Mai, the City of Temples

As mentioned in my previous blog post, the main reason we flew to Chiang Mai was to visit the elephants. Thus, we didn’t even look up the main sights of the city in advance. We all thought, that we will … Continue reading

Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai

April 11, 2016
by wayfaringlondoner

Elephant Nature Park: a Sanctuary for Gentle Giants

Because the elephant is considered to be Thailand’s national symbol, most of the people who visit this country will try to have a closer look of these peaceful trunk owners. Unfortunately, riding these creatures and documenting the activity is a compulsory element … Continue reading

March 21, 2016
by wayfaringlondoner

Bangkok Trilogy: Part 3 – People, Graffiti and Another Temple

As I already mentioned in my previous blog posts, I am very shy when it comes to taking photos of people without them noticing. People in Bangkok truly inspired me and I felt the urge to try and take some … Continue reading

March 15, 2016
by wayfaringlondoner
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Bangkok Trilogy: Part 2 – Markets, Tuk-tuks and Bangkok Skyline

On our second day in Bangkok we decided to head towards the business district to explore both the shopping malls and the street markets. Normally I am trying to avoid shopping while I travel, but let’s be honest, an Asian … Continue reading


March 9, 2016
by wayfaringlondoner
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Bangkok Trilogy: Part 1 – Temples, Terrapins and Monsoon

I think writing about our adventures in Bangkok is almost as difficult as trying to read its long name out loud breathlessly. In Thai language Bangkok is also referred to as ‘Krung Thep Maka Nakhon’ or ‘Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin … Continue reading