• The Cats of Bangkok – Guest Post by William

    When visiting Thailand last year, it was my third time in Asia. From what I’ve seen during that trip along with my time in Japan and also everything you can research online – you come to the conclusion that the treatment of animals and wildlife is a very mixed bag across Asia. A tavalyi thaiföldi út volt a harmadik alkalom, hogy ellátogattam Ázsiába. Azok alapján amit Japánban láttam, meg amit az interneten is olvasni lehet, arra a következtetésre jutottam, hogy az állatokkal való bánásmód nagyon megoszlik ezen a földrészen.

  • Wildlife Spotting: London Zoo Sunset Safari

    Ok, so if someone invites me to go anywhere, where I can see some animals, I can’t and won’t say no. This wasn’t any different, when Giulia found out that during the summer months London Zoo organizes an event called Sunset Safari, which means, that on every Friday – after the opening hours – the zoo reopens for the (theoretically) adults, to enjoy some food, (alcoholic) drinks, and wildlife. So we quickly got some tickets, and on a sunny Friday afternoon we went to discover the unknown. Nos, ha valaki bármilyen okból kifolyólag olyan helyre hív, ahol állatok vannak, arra nem tudok nemet mondani. Nem volt ez másképp akkor sem, mikor…