• Thailand Itinerary

    Thailand Trip Itinerary

    Whenever I try to plan a trip somewhere, I always find other people’s travel itinerary very useful and inspiring, so I thought I will share with you guys the Thailand Trip Itinerary. Valahányszor útvonaltervezésbe kezdek, mindig nagyon hasznosnak és inspirálónak találom mások útiterveit, így hát arra gondoltam, hogy megosztom veletek a miénket.

  • Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai

    Elephant Nature Park: a Sanctuary for Gentle Giants

    Because the elephant is considered to be Thailand’s national symbol, most of the people who visit this country will try to have a closer look of these peaceful trunk owners. Unfortunately, riding these creatures and documenting the activity is a compulsory element of the average tourist’s photo album, despite the fact that people don’t really know much about them. Due to their strength, intelligence, memory and pleasant nature throughout history local people found them suitable for different types of work, so they were caught, trained and forced to do many jobs. Hundreds of years ago they played an important role in the battles, later they were mainly used for logging, but they were…