• Perhentian Islands

    Chilling on the Perhentian Islands

    The Perhentian Islands lie next to the northeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. They are so far to the north, that they could easily belong to Thailand. There were two very convincing reasons why we chose these islands instead of the famous Langkawi Islands: they are not touristy at all and you have a chance to see and swim with turtles. A Perhentian szigetek Malajzia észak-keleti csücskénél fekszenek. Annyira északon, hogy az már majdnem Thaiföld. Annak pedig, hogy a híres Langkawi szigetek helyett inkább ezt választottuk, két oka van: az egyik, hogy ez a hely nem turistás, a másik pedig, hogy itt testközelből lehet teknősöket látni. És ennyi elég is volt.

  • Westonbirt Arboretum

    Autumn Special: The Thousand Colours of Westonbirt Arboretum

    Every time autumn starts to kick in and the trees become colourful I instantly feel the urge to go out and take some photos. OK, this isn’t completely true. I am constantly suffering because of this shooting urge, which makes me fall behind with the post-processing work. But I can’t help it: I’d much rather explore the outside world than spend hours sitting next to Photoshop. Valahányszor eljön az ősz, és színesek lesznek a falevelek, az ember lányának azonnal fotózhatnékja támad. Najó, ez így túlzás. Az ember lányának állandóan fotózhatnékja van, és emiatt torlódik föl a rengeteg utómunka, mivel szívesebben mászkál odakint, ahelyett hogy a Photoshop mellett gubbasztana.

  • Kew Gardens Bluebells

    Spring Special: Bluebell Carpets in Kew Gardens

    Yes, it is spring, and it is warm, and it is sunny. And it is bluebell season. 🙂 Last week I spent quite a while googling the best spot in or very close to London, where we can see the famous bluebell carpets. After browsing through lots of those ‘Top eight…”, “Top ten…”, “… plus one” lists that all suggested locations far away from London, I bumped into the obvious: Kew Gardens! I’ve never been to Kew Gardens anyway, so this was the perfect time to make up this deficiency. Biza, tavasz van, és meleg, és napsütés. Ja meg harangvirág-szezon. 🙂 A múlt hét folyamán meglehetősen sok időt töltöttem Londonban vagy Londonhoz…

  • Wayfaring in Transylvania: The Postăvarul Massif

    My trip home this August was very carefully planned and eventful, such that I can take the most out of the holiday. Part of this plan was a 5 day long trip with my parents. This wasn’t the first time, when we jumped into the car and drove around half of the country, but because of the fact that I am living in London for a year now, I think this was the first time, when I started to see things from a different perspective, and got excited because of bits and bobs that were normal before, and now I miss them in England. Mikor idén augusztusban hazajöttem, nagyon sűrű…

  • Highclere Castle

    The Dream Day of a Downton Fan

    Despite the fact that I am a serious castle maniac, I wasn’t aware of the existence of Highclere Castle for a very long time. Then, a few years ago I discovered this show entitled Downton Abbey, and I managed to become such an addict, that I could sit there all night long, watching a complete season – one episode after the other -, after which the usual withdrawal symptoms were torturing me for days. Annak ellenére, hogy határozottan kastély- és vármániás vagyok, a Highclere kastély teljesen elkerülte a figyelmemet. Aztán pár évvel ezelőtt szembejött a Downton Abbey című filmsorozat, amire sikerült olyan szinten rákattannom, hogy képes voltam egy egész évadot egyhuzamban…

  • Exploring the Peak District: The Roaches

    On a long-awaited July weekend Will, Mikey, Sigga and I travelled to Manchester to visit Elena. Since all of us are big nature lovers, Elena decided to show us one of her favourite spots in the Peak District: The Roaches. The name comes from the French Les Roches – just because someone wanted to appear very refined -, which (who would have guessed?) means The Rocks, and it refers to the spectacular rocky ridge at 505m above sea level, very popular with rock climbers and hikers. Egy várva-várt júliusi hétvégén Will, Mikey, Sigga meg én meglátogattuk Elenát Manchesterben. Mivel mindannyian imádjuk a természetet, Elena úgy döntött, hogy megmutatja nekünk az egyik…

  • The White Cliffs of Beachy Head

    I reached the point when an early morning at Victoria station feels like home: I spot people right away in front of WHSmith, buying the train tickets and journey treats feels like an old routine, after which we jump on the train to head towards an unknown destination. This time we chose to visit Beachy Head. Már egészen otthonosan érzem magam kora reggel a Victoria pályaudvaron, egyből észreveszem az embereket a megszokott találkahelyen, rutinosan járulunk a jegy-automata elé amit általában gyors kaja vásárlás követ, – csak hogy formában tartsuk a rágó izmainkat -, majd pattanunk is fel a vonatra. Ezúttal Beachy Head volt az úticél.

  • The Haunted Epping Forest

    I can spend hours just looking at Google Maps, and – based on the green and blue patches – trying to decide which park should be the next one to explore. When that’s done, and weekend comes – and by that time I am very tired and I should sleep really -, I get depressed if I don’t leave my flat shortly after opening my eyes. During one of these Google Maps sessions a huge green patch positioned in North-East London caught my attention. The name of that huge green patch is Epping forest. Since the last stop of the Central (Heating) tube line is Epping – which is in zone 6,…

  • Ghost stations of Parkland Walk

    (Photo by Iza, taken with a GoPro 4 Silver – I am soo jealous) It was a gloomy Sunday morning of the Early May bank holiday, and we almost decided to go to Red’s and watch a movie instead, but to be honest, everyone wanted to go out, so we ended up meeting at Finsbury Park station. After a long process of feeling lost, trying to find each other, sending google maps screenshots and street view photos, buying some food and drinks we finally headed towards Finsbury Park to explore Parkland Walk. Borongós vasárnap reggel volt ezen a májusi hosszú hétvégén, és majdnem úgy döntöttünk hogy inkább Redhez megyünk filmet nézni, de igazából…