• Copenhagen bicycles

    Winter City Break in Copenhagen – Day 4

    The following morning we decided to quickly go and check out the famous Tuborgflasken before we end up finding a place for a long and relaxing brunch. This giant, 26 meter tall beer bottle is in Hellerup, which is a suburb located to the north of central Copenhagen. Másnap reggel úgy döntöttünk, hogy még táplálékszerzés előtt elbuszozunk Koppenhága Hellerup nevű negyedébe, ami a belvárostól északra helyezkedik el, és jól megnézzük magunknak a 26 méter magas Tuborgflaskent, azaz a Tuborg sörösüveget.

  • Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

    Winter City Break in Copenhagen – Day 2

    The next morning we felt rested and hungry, so we headed towards the city centre. The plan was that we will start exploring the area by following the stars on my map, and we’ll have breakfast when we bump into a cafe we both find appealing enough. Másnap reggel kipihenten, és kissé korgó gyomorral vágtunk neki a belváros felfedezésének. Az volt a terv, hogy elkezdjük végigjárni a végigjárnivaló érdekességeket, és ha közben szimpatikus reggelizőhelyre bukkanunk, akkor ott letelepszünk.

  • Coffee and Cake at the London Cat Village

    There are only two kinds of people in the world: the happy ones, who own at least one cat, and the less happy ones, who don’t have cats. Of course, there are some people who don’t have cats and they think this is the way to be, but they just live in a constant delusion. Earth is an amazing place because demand always creates its own supply. In this case for example, a special coffee shop has been invented where people can enjoy both a hot beverage and the company of these furry creatures. It’s important to keep in mind though, that if hundreds of people come in to this…