• Pompeii and Herculaneum

    Because both Will and I prefer to travel to places where nature is dominating and where tourism is less popular, Italy isn’t necessarily on the top of our potential destination list. But because my brother, Zsolt, and my (since then) sister-in-law, Zsóka decided to say “Yes, I do” on this ancient roman land, we ended up mixing business with pleasure and visiting a few famous spots. Obviously, one of these places was Pompeii. Instead of a long history and geology lecture I’d like to offer you a more practical guide full of information we would have really appreciated before our visit. Mivel Will és én leginkább olyan helyekre szeretünk utazni,…

  • Malaysia Mainland

    Malaysia Trip Itinerary

    This blog post could be useful for adventure seekers who are looking to find some trip planning ideas and inspiration for Mainland Malaysia. If you read further, you’ll find the details of our two-week itinerary, as well as our travel movie. Ez a blogbejegyzés leginkább azok számára lehet hasznos, akik épp a Maláj félszigetre készülnek és esetleg útvonaltervezési ötleteket és inspirációt keresnek. Ha tovább kattintasz, rátalálsz a mi kéthetes útvonaltervünkre, no meg az elmaradhatatlan utazós videóra.

  • Perhentian Islands

    Chilling on the Perhentian Islands

    The Perhentian Islands lie next to the northeastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. They are so far to the north, that they could easily belong to Thailand. There were two very convincing reasons why we chose these islands instead of the famous Langkawi Islands: they are not touristy at all and you have a chance to see and swim with turtles. A Perhentian szigetek Malajzia észak-keleti csücskénél fekszenek. Annyira északon, hogy az már majdnem Thaiföld. Annak pedig, hogy a híres Langkawi szigetek helyett inkább ezt választottuk, két oka van: az egyik, hogy ez a hely nem turistás, a másik pedig, hogy itt testközelből lehet teknősöket látni. És ennyi elég is volt.

  • 21 Fun Facts About Malaysia

    21 Fun Facts About Malaysia

    Malaysia is a fantastic place, and I think it’s my favourite country I’ve visited until now. I’m also pretty sure that out of all my travel destinations this was the one where I discovered the largest amount of curiosities. Below you can find a bunch of them. Malajzia valami elképesztő hely, talán a kedvencem az összes ország közül ahol eddig jártam. Azt is bátran mondhatom, hogy utazásaim során itt szembesültem a legtöbb érdekességgel. Ezekből most összegyűjtöttem egy csokorra valót.

  • 25 things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

    25 Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, and despite the fact that it’s not very big, it certainly offers an unlimited amount of things to explore. I’ve put together a list of 25 items, some of which are the well-known, touristy sights, others are a bit off the beaten path and you can easily miss them if you don’t pay attention, and finally a few which we haven’t had a chance to check out because of several different reasons. I’ve also included a place that I don’t actually recommend to people, even though it’s quite well-known. Let’s see what are these! Kuala Lumpur Malajzia fővárosa, és annak ellenére hogy nem túlságosan nagy,…

  • Saint Anne Lake

    Wayfaring in Transylvania: The Land of Volcanoes

    The last time my parents and I visited the Saint Anne Lake and the Mohos bog was when I was a teenager. It was such an unforgettable experience, that I couldn’t wait to return to this magical Land of Volcanoes and show Will how does an almost perfectly round crater lake surrounded by a pine forest and often visited by bears look like. Actually, there are two lakes, but the second one is almost completely covered by peat. Azt hiszem talán iskolás lehettem még, mikor szüleimmel a Szent Anna tónál és a Mohos tőzeglápnál jártunk. Hatalmas élmény volt az a kirándulás, így aztán nagyon lelkesen vártam, hogy újra visszatérjünk a Vulkánok…

  • Nyergestető

    Wayfaring in Transylvania: Nyergestető Memorial Park

    On a foggy almost-summer morning of our Transylvanian road trip we decided to visit the Nyergestető Memorial Park. Our main destinations on that day were the Saint Anne Lake and the Mohos Bog, but popping by the memorial park didn’t seem to be big detour. Erdélyi kirándulásunk egy ködös, majdnem-nyári reggelén úgy döntöttünk, hogy ellátogatunk a Nyergestetőre. Aznapra egyébként a Szent Anna tó meg a Mohos tőzegláp volt betervezve, de nem jelentett túl nagy kitérőt ide is elugrani.

  • Korond Pottery

    Korond Pottery – The Workshop of Ilyés Vészti Mihály

    When I travelled home back in May, Will joined me. Usually, when the weather is good and it gets nice and warm, my parents and I don’t stay in Cluj, but we take the car and visit a chosen region of Transylvania instead. It wasn’t any different this time either, however the fact that Will had never been in Transylvania before and everything was new for him, made our trip a bit more interesting. Thanks to this, we looked at everything we consider ‘usual’ and ‘home’ from a slightly different perspective. Mikor idén májusban hazautaztam, Will is velem tartott. Általában ha jó az idő meg meleg van, szüleimmel nem szoktunk…

  • fear of flying

    12 Things I Did to Overcome My Fear of Flying

    Let’s talk about some serious stuff here, shall we? The thing is that for a very very long time even just the thought of travelling by plane frightened me to death: I used to think about aircrafts as some flying coffins, watching a movie scene shot in an airplane caused me abdominal pain, and when I needed to travel somewhere, I had to face anxiety and panic attacks. During the darkest moments of this period I even ended up cancelling an almost-planned trip to Malta, because I just couldn’t handle the stress it would have come with. Azt hiszem itt az ideje, hogy komolyra fordítsuk a szót. Az a helyzet, hogy meglehetősen…

  • The Cats of Bangkok – Guest Post by William

    When visiting Thailand last year, it was my third time in Asia. From what I’ve seen during that trip along with my time in Japan and also everything you can research online – you come to the conclusion that the treatment of animals and wildlife is a very mixed bag across Asia. A tavalyi thaiföldi út volt a harmadik alkalom, hogy ellátogattam Ázsiába. Azok alapján amit Japánban láttam, meg amit az interneten is olvasni lehet, arra a következtetésre jutottam, hogy az állatokkal való bánásmód nagyon megoszlik ezen a földrészen.