• Ko Tao

    Ko Tao, a Paradise Lost

    Ko Tao is a tiny island to the north from Ko Samui, and the only way to get there is by boat. Since the journey is only two hours long, our initial plan was to visit Ko Tao as part of a day trip. But when we checked the timetable and realised that the ferry leaves Ko Samui at 8AM and returnes at 3PM, spending the night at Ko Tao seemed to make more sense, so we booked a last-minute accommodation. Ko Tao Ko Samuitól északra fekszik és csak hajóval közelíthető meg. Az út kb. két óra, úgyhogy eredetileg csak egy napra szerettünk volna átugrani erre a szigetre. Aztán mikor megnéztük…

  • Bangkok Trilogy: Part 2 – Markets, Tuk-tuks and Bangkok Skyline

    On our second day in Bangkok we decided to head towards the business district to explore both the shopping malls and the street markets. Normally I am trying to avoid shopping while I travel, but let’s be honest, an Asian shopping mall is something you can’t really miss. Because this district was quite far away, we had to rely on some other means of transportation besides our feet. So let’s stop for a moment and talk about an average tourist’s chances for not being ripped off while getting to the chosen destination. Második nap Bangkok üzleti negyede felé vettük az irányt, ugyanis itt található a legtöbb bevásárlóközpont meg utcai vásár.…

  • Prejmer

    Wayfaring in Transylvania: Prejmer Fortified Church

    In my opinion the concept of a fortified church is a genius idea. They appeared in Transylvania around the 13th century, when the Hungarian kings brought the Saxon communities in. Because back in those days Transylvania was constantly threatened by Turkish and Tatar attacks, Saxon people had to come up with a solution to protect the villagers and their belongings. They surrounded the churches with very thick walls, which had loopholes and, well.. I think the official name should be pitch-hole, but I am not really sure. Basically there were some special holes used to pour hot pitch over the enemy. Within the walls and bastions there were lots and…

  • The White Cliffs of Beachy Head

    I reached the point when an early morning at Victoria station feels like home: I spot people right away in front of WHSmith, buying the train tickets and journey treats feels like an old routine, after which we jump on the train to head towards an unknown destination. This time we chose to visit Beachy Head. Már egészen otthonosan érzem magam kora reggel a Victoria pályaudvaron, egyből észreveszem az embereket a megszokott találkahelyen, rutinosan járulunk a jegy-automata elé amit általában gyors kaja vásárlás követ, – csak hogy formában tartsuk a rágó izmainkat -, majd pattanunk is fel a vonatra. Ezúttal Beachy Head volt az úticél.