• Leaning Tower of Pisa

    Pisa beyond the Tower

    If I say “Pisa” the leaning tower is the first thing that pops into people’s minds almost straight away. And, of course, those millions of photos circling around the internet, where everyone thinks that they are “holding” this building in the most unique way possible. And no. They are not. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that super old Sport chocolate advert, where a Bob Marley doppelgänger is riding a motorbike when he spots a tourist posing-as-if-he-would-be-holding the tower, he quickly jumps off his vehicle and with all his strength gained from eating the chocolate helps the unsuspecting man straighten the tower. He then vanishes in the crowd. You can watch this…

  • Cinque Terre in One Day

    Cinque Terre in One Day

    Cinque Terre, a.k.a “The Five Lands” lies on the Italian coast to the North West from La Spezia and, as you might expect, it consists of five fishing villages: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare. It is considered to be quite similar to the famous Amalfi coast and the internet is full of “Amalfi or Cinque Terre? Idon’tknowwhichonetochoose!” types of questions. We were lucky enough to visit both places during one trip and thanks to this we had a chance to compare them in an unbiased way. If we would have to choose the place we preferred, Cinque Terre would be the winner. Let’s see why? Cinque Terre, azaz az…

  • Naples


    Naples… the city, that everyone tried to discourage us from visiting by saying things like the buildings are in ruins, there is rubbish everywhere, it is controlled by the mafia and if you go there, you’ll be robbed, kidnapped, sliced up, etc. The downpour of discouragements was so successful, that we ended up spending only about three hours there while we were waiting for our train connection. Naples… the city, which ended up being one of highlights of our Italy trip. We liked it so much, that we had already decided we wish to return in the near future and explore it more thoroughly. Nápoly… a város, amitől mindenki csak elrettenteni…

  • Sorrento, Mount Vesuvius

    Sorrento – The Land Where Lemons Grow

    The truth is, that we didn’t really know much about Sorrento before our visit. A few years ago I saw some photos of the famous Valley of the Mills, which made this sleepy little tourist paradise become an additional item on my travel bucket list. During our stay, however, we realised that besides the mill ruins Sorrento has many other interesting things to offer. For example, this area is the country’s most famous lemon-centre and produces the tastiest Limoncello. Az a helyzet, hogy Sorrentoról nem sok mindent tudtunk mielőtt ide látogattunk volna. Még évekkel ezelőtt láttam néhány fotót a híres Malmok Völgyéről, melynek hatására ez az álmos kis turistaparadicsom azonnal bakancslistás lett…

  • 21 Fun Facts About Malaysia

    21 Fun Facts About Malaysia

    Malaysia is a fantastic place, and I think it’s my favourite country I’ve visited until now. I’m also pretty sure that out of all my travel destinations this was the one where I discovered the largest amount of curiosities. Below you can find a bunch of them. Malajzia valami elképesztő hely, talán a kedvencem az összes ország közül ahol eddig jártam. Azt is bátran mondhatom, hogy utazásaim során itt szembesültem a legtöbb érdekességgel. Ezekből most összegyűjtöttem egy csokorra valót.

  • Canterbury Cathedral

    Exploring Canterbury

    Let’s jump back in time till march this year. It was a beautiful, mainly sunny spring weekend, when Will and I decided to visit Canterbury. We heard a lot about the importance of this place from both historical and religious point of view (Canterbury Cathedral, Archbishop of Canterbury), but neither of us had been here before. This is why it was about time to pay a visit. Ugroljunk vissza egy kicsit az időben, mondjuk márciusig. Egy szép, többnyire napsütéses hétvégén úgy döntöttünk Willel, hogy ellátogatunk Canterburybe. Mivel sokszor hallottunk már erről a helyről mindenféle történelmi és vallási vonatkozásban – canterburyi apátság, canterburyi érsek, stb. – viszont még egyikünk sem járt…